Back at MAPS

J.D. and I both worked at MAPS back in the day, and had pretty regular disagreements. We were both a lot younger then. I was pretty mouthy, not recognizing the wisdom that J.D. was often offering. And MAPS was also a pretty poisonous environment. I’m glad that what happened back in those days didn’t keep me from learning to appreciate and learn from J.D.’s insight and wisdom later on. I’m glad that didn’t keep us from our later online interactions, as simple and limited as they were. When I search my saved email folder, there is so much there to and from J.D., and it’s all valuable stuff, steps on how to improve email, the internet, life. A bit of how to deal with the jerks, and occasionally, a bit of begging that he not lump me in with the jerks.

I didn’t know J.D. as well or as close as others. I regret that. But I am so amazingly lucky to have known him and been able to listen from him and learn from him.

Also, blue hair and a fantastic taste in music: J.D. was, and remains, cool.

— Al Iverson

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