An amazing man

I know I can’t be as eloquent as some here, and I am sure I was little more than a passing face in the stream of JD’s life, but he had a large impact on mine. He helped to choose me to work for my first ISP in network engineering, even though I knew little of how things worked on that level. But he helped to teach me virtually everything I needed to know, from the basics of IP addressing to the OSI model to so much more. And that is just professionally!


I never knew him half as well as I would have liked, and looking back I realize how much of an opportunity I lost when I didn’t keep in touch with him, or try to get to know him more. But I was young, awe-struck, and terrified of looking stupid, so I never did. His loss is a loss to the world, and again, words can’t state the impact he had on my life.


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