Long Ago

I met J.D. in High School, as part of the circle of friends I hung out with for my Sophomore and Junior year. We all got rides to and from school in a Charger, and played D&D. I remember when he started his webservice and email, Cybernothing (because nothing is better just because it’s cyber), and that was my main email for many, many years.

I remember that he gave us all our first taste of tofu. I’d never heard of it, and here it was on a plate in a brick with some brown liquid over it… and we all tried it and, well, weren’t terribly impressed.

He took me to the only Rave I’ve ever been to, up in Northern California when I was visiting with my family. We drove overnight, and ended up stumbling exhausted to a hotel. The guy running it was surly, but he rented us a room to collapse for a few hours before we kept going. The Rave itself was an amazing, outdoor experience. I’ll never forget the circles of people, or falling asleep to the sound of music and rising to the sound of drums. I drank Chai there for the first time, and danced until my feet were raw.I’m not sure I ever thought to thank him for what that experience gave me.

My deepest and warmest condolences to those who were part of J.D.’s present from someone who was part of J.D.’s past.

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  • Jon solomon says:

    I do met JD in High School (maybe Middle school.) He never knew it, but I did look up to him. I’m pretty sure it was him that I went to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert to. I still can’t believe my mom let me go. I remember him bridging multiple dial up lines to get better throughput (it wasn’t called throughput at the time) and when he started cybernothing. That was my primary email for a while after college.

    JD, you’ll be missed as both a great human, and a wonderful professional…

  • Jason Whong says:

    We all looked up to JD in High School. I don’t know if he knew it, but I thought everyone knew it. So maybe he knew it. 🙂

    I don’t recall whether I had a cybernothing e-mail address, but I do remember being excited about fighting spam, thanks to him.

    JD, … I’ll miss you, too.

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