Goodbye, J.D.

You’ll be missed.


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  • JS says:

    Today a great light has gone out.

    JD and I used to work together, ten years ago. Since then I’ve only ever seen him occasionally, at MAAWG or at Houseness events, but he’s been very influential in my life.

    He was relentlessly friendly, even-tempered, and helpful. Every time I had technical dealings with him, I was struck by his clarity and insight. Even surrounded by bright people, he stood out.

    I’m sad that his influence has now passed from this place forever. I console myself that he spent the few years he had very well indeed. He accomplished a great deal. He inspired many of us to do better. And he really enjoyed himself doing it.

    If there is such a thing as a Bodhisattva, then JD was one. As long as we who knew him remember him, keep trying to make the world a better place, and treat one another with more kindness and patience, then he will not be truly gone.

    Thanks, Blue Jesus, and so long.

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