There were many organizations through J.D.’s life and through his sickness that he became passionate about supporting.  In honor of J.D., please consider supporting any of the following organizations:

  Cops Fighting Cancer

J.D. especially liked this organization because it helps cancer patients and their families in a very tangible, ‘on-the-ground’ way. if you find another organization that works in similar ways, please donate to that organization if you prefer to.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

J.D. and Hope value this organization both for their contributions to advanced cancer research and because they help patients without health insurance.



KGNU is the independent community radio station that both J.D. and Hope worked at in Colorado. J.D. enjoyed being on the air there very much.


Many of you are likely familiar with SomaFM, a community-supported online radio station. Hope and J.D. have spent many hours being calmed and pleased by the music of SomaFM in the past difficult months, and supporting SomaFM would be a great way to remember J.D.

  Canadian Blood Services & American Red Cross

J.D. had received some essential blood transfusions at the onset of his treatment – and thereafter noted his debt to the blood bank system.   He often mentioned this and encouraged folks to contribute blood to the system, so many others can benefit as well.  Blood donation saves lives, every day.



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