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  • Rick Castello says:

    My friend J.D. Falk died last night. Fuck cancer.

    Lately, I didn’t get to see him (or his awesome wife Hope) as often as I would have liked, but I will remember him well as one who lived life with aplomb and panache.

    Back when I worked with J.D. at Return Path,  I worked in our Bay Area office, and he still worked in our Colorado office. I’d travel there frequently, often going out every 3-4 weeks, and staying for a week before returning home. 

    As fun and interesting as the work was, the highlight of every trip for me was going out to lunch with J.D. (and Neil, when he was in the country), and the conversations we’d have. Having dim sum or phô with J.D. will always be one of my favorite things.

    I’m crying over my oatmeal as I write this, but I’ll be having phô for lunch and thinking of you today J.D., and I’ll try not to get big wet tears in my soup.

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